On the project

Enhanced Flexibility in European Effort Sharing by Application of a European Project Mechanisms – EPM

The European Commission announced a regulatory proposal on the Effort Sharing Decision after 2020 (ESD II) for the first half of 2016. It will also contain proposals with view to enhance flexibility in the Effort Sharing – possibly also through application of a project based mechanism. We dub such an instrument “European Project Mechanism” (EPM). Based on good design, the instrument could become an important additional building block for meeting the long-term emission reduction targets of the EU cost-effectively. Bearing this objective in mind, an EPM must be defined along policy requirements as well as technical and economic criteria.

FutureCamp and adelphi take on the current discussion and systematically analyse and expand on possible policy options. The principal objective in this project is the generation of essential information and ideas that may inform the current debate on the design of a future EPM.

The research programme includes:

In order to develop a full picture of the options at hand, the research includes both private stakeholder and market perspectives as well as governmental and regulatory aspects by use of:

The Brussels Workshop

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Discussion papers

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